Windows Phone Bingo

Devices and Platforms

Although iPhones and Android smartphones get the lion’s share of the press, Windows mobile phones are steadily increasing in popularity. With that increase in popularity, bingo players who use Windows phones can rejoice in the fact that some smartphone apps are compatible with this OS, and that it is possible to enjoy mobile bingo along with everyone else.

Windows Mobile Sites

Most bingo sites don’t specify that their software runs on Windows phones, as they generally just state whether they are available for Android, iOS, or ‘other’. Luckily, Windows has been configured to be able to run some Android-compatible apps and so there isn’t much of an issue downloading some of the top mobile bingo apps. Although there might be connectivity issues with some. The good news is that there are a couple of mobile apps specifically made for Windows phones, so you know that they will run smoothly. Some of the top Windows mobile sites include:

Mobile Bingo Games for Windows

Although the previously mentioned mobile bingo sites are the only knowns currently known to be compatible with the Windows phone, big-name sites say that their Windows bingo apps are in the works, and we will review them as soon as they are released. If you still crave some bingo action on your Windows phone, you can always head to the Windows Phone store and try one of the following bingo games. They may not offer cash prizes, but they do offer heaps of fun.

  • Bingo Game – Made specifically for Windows 7 devices, this game offers a massive amount of customizable bingo options and great visuals. Designed to be all about the social experience, you can play along with other bingo fans from around the world and try be the first to a Full House.
  • Bingo Pro – A 75-ball bingo game packed chock-a-block with fun features and cool graphics. It works for every edition of the Windows Phone, 7, 7.5, and 8.
  • Hoops Bingo – Another app that will only currently run on Windows 7, it is a must-have for bingo players who use Windows 7 phones. The fun of this game is in its unique approach to bingo, where you position a hoop above the number to ‘catch’ the winner!