Facebook Bingo

Devices and Platforms

For many bingo sites and operators, Facebook is the future of their business. They can really capitalize on the popularity of Facebook as a way to bring in new customers. Bingo sites not only offer an incredible bingo playing experience, but they also encourage that sense of community that has made Facebook what it is today. This is all done for fun, not for profit, which only increases the public’s love of bingo more.

The Draw of Facebook Bingo

Facebook almost seems like it was designed for bingo, as the community aspect of it fits in perfectly with online bingo games. The reason that people love bingo, and Facebook, is that they are able to connect with their friends and experience the fun of community games, which have become the most popular games of our generation.

One of the best reasons to play bingo on Facebook is the load of options available to players. If you want to play bingo for free, you can play via one of the many popular apps such as Bingo Blitz or Avatingo. These apps allow you to play for coins instead of cash, and you only have to spend money if you get too greedy and spend all of your coins. Though we wouldn’t recommend that you do so, because there is no possibility to win any real money prizes through these apps, and you don’t want to spend money when you can’t win any back.

Facebook Mobile and Desktop Bingo

But if you really want something to win, there is good news, there are Facebook bingo apps that let you play for actual jackpots! Bingo Frenzy from Gamesys is a thrilling, colourful app that is chock full of exciting cash prizes for Facebook players. They have actually been criticized since their 2012 launch as encouraging gambling in youngsters, even though all they do is allow players to cash in on real-money prizes.
All you have to do to play and access these apps is have an active Facebook account. Once you have these apps set up on the computer, it is no problem to play the same games on your mobile device as well. So with Facebook bingo apps you can play whenever you want, wherever you want!