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With an incredibly easy to use system, decent interface, and wonderful £5 free sign up bonus, our Dream Bingo review found many great features that have made this one of the better UK bingo sites. There are certainly some things, such as their software, which could be improved upon, but in general the privately owned Dream Bingo has a load of positives and is a must-try for any bingo enthusiast.

Playing Dream Bingo

Dream Bingo makes it quite easy to sign up and get your free £5 sign up bonus. There is just one simple form which you are required to fill in and you can be playing in minutes. While there are a few bugs with the sign up form, new players shouldn’t have any problem with it at all.
During the sign up process you are given a Dream Bingo account number, but you have the ability to choose your own bingo alias. One of the nice features of the site is that whenever you log in, you can use either your alias or your account number.Collecting your complimentary £5 bonus is as easy as logging into the site, choosing your first bingo room, and then using your free quid to buy bingo cards.

How to claim your FREE £15:

  1. Click here to visit Dream Bingo.
  2. Register your details and login to the site.
  3. You will find £15 in your account, no deposit required!*
  4. Deposit £10 and you will find £30 has been added to your account!*

The Website

A wee fairy godmother is your guide to the Dream Bingo homepage and website. The site is incredibly colourful and fun, although a few users have reported slight slowdowns in play due to the heavy use of flash. When writing our Dream Bingo review we didn’t experience any problems, whatsoever.
Everything you need to know is well-presented and easy to find on the homepage. There are also some neat additions not found on other sites such as a section where bingo winners comment on their wins or a place where the chat hosts can write a bit about themselves.

Dream Bingo Rooms

The lobby of Dream Bingo is quite user-friendly, though it does lack some of the more exciting features found on other sites. However, each individual page loads in its own window, which is a nice feature that makes it easier to keep track of things.As mentioned earlier, the software could use a new coat of gloss, as it seems a little out of date compared to some of the other leading UK bingo rooms. Though one lovely little touch was the ability to change the background of the bingo room itself, something that you don’t see on other bingo sites. Like everything else at Dream Bingo, buying the tickets was a quite simple process. You have to confirm your purchase multiple times, which seems like a bit of a hassle, but is a great way to make sure you don’t accidentally buy more tickets that you want.The players themselves seem to be a wonderfully tight-knit group, and the chat was fun and lively. It took a little while for them to say hello to a newcomer, but once we started chatting the overall experience was

Wrapping Up

Overall, our Dream Bingo review found it to be one of the easiest to use, as well as fun, UK bingo sites out there today. While the software may not be the top of the charts, the jackpots, chat rooms, and the generous £5 sign up bonus are enough reasons for anyone to give it a go.

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